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Celebrating a Birthday, Bachelorette Party or any other special occasion?
El Convento Rico is the place to be

This page is not current. To make a reservation, please click below.

 Reservation details
  • Reservations are needed for booths and tables ONLY.

  • Reservations are not required for general admission.

  • You MUST be inside the venue before 10:30 PM to claim your reservation.

  • Line bypass before 11:00 PM is included with all reservations. No exceptions. If any of your guests arrive after 11:00 PM, they will have to use the regular admission line.

  • Please make sure you don't overbook the party size (for example booking for 20 people when there are only 6). We reserve the right to re-assign parties to a table appropriate for their size.


PLEASE NOTE: Saturday Nights are extremely popular and are usually booked 2-3 weeks in advance.
If the system says "there are no tables available" it means, there are NO TABLES available. It's not an error.
Also read the "QUESTIONS ABOUT RESERVATIONS" section below for answers to other questions about reservations you may have. You may also check for reservations online the day of your party for last-minute cancellations. If you arrive before 10:30 PM, you can ask to be added to our waitlist in case of any no-snows (no guarantees). Tables are given away on a first-come first-served basis.


What is included with my reservation?

  1. A booth or table(s) based on the party size and availability at the time of the booking.
  2. Line bypass before 11:00 PM
  3. Special shoutout for the person of honour
  4. Display of the person of honour's picture on our TVs

What is the price for a booth?

What is the price for bottle service?

Please check our menu here

Does bottle service include cover?

No. Every guest must pay cover.

  • Fridays $13
  • Saturdays $15
  • Sundays (Long weekend) $10

Do you offer guestlist with reservations?

No. We only offer line bypass before 10:30 PM

What time can I make my reservation for?

Our doors open at 9:00 PM
Reservation are held until 10:30 PM
After 10:30 PM, we honour the tables/booths to people on site on a first come first served basis.
We cannot guarantee your reservations after 10:30 PM.

I am getting a message saying "there's no tables available"

It is not an error. All tables/booths for your party size are already booked for that night. Please do not email us asking us for booths/tables for that day.

If you would still like to attend, however, we encourage you to arrive early. We only hold the reservations until 10:30 PM. After that, we honour the tables on a first come first served basis.

How can I submit a picture of the person of honour?

You will get a link to enter additional details on your reservation confirmation email.

Do I get a special deal for making a reservation?

  • Yes, you get a booth or table. We do not charge extra for bottle service at the booths.
  • You also get line bypass.

Do I have to pre-order my bottle?

No. You order will order your drinks at the venue with your assigned server.

Is there a minimum spending?

No. There is no minimum spending to maintain a table. However, table service is required