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  1. ​Reservations are for tables and booths only. You don't need a reservation otherwise just to come in.

  2. If the date that you chose says "Reservations are full for this day", it means that they are full for that day. It is not an error or mistake. If there are any cancellations, the date will become available automatically.

  3. Table Service is expected when booking a table or booth. We reserve the right to give the table/booth to other parties if table service is not being used.

If your browser is giving you problems with the reservations form, you can complete your reservation y clicking the button below:
  • What is included with my reservation?
    A booth or table(s) based on the party size and availability at the time of the booking. Special shoutout for the person of honour Display of the person of honour's picture on our TVs
  • Is there a minimum spending?
    No. There is no minimum spending to maintain a table. However, table service is required. This means, that a booth cannot be just to sit while ordering from the bar and not the servers.
  • What is the price for a booth?
    There is no price to make a reservation Bottle service is available at the venue. Please check our menu here
  • What is the price for bottle service?
    Please check our menu here
  • Does bottle service include cover?
    No. Every guest must pay cover regardless of whether they are buying a bottle or not.
  • Do you offer guestlist with reservations?
  • Do I get a special deal for making a reservation?
    Yes, you get a booth or table. We do not charge extra for bottle service at the booths.
  • What time can I make my reservation for?
    The times for all reservations are the regular opening time for the night. You can find the specific time on the reservations form. We dot do reservations for mid-night or late night.
  • I am getting a message saying "reservations are full for this date"
    It is not an error or mistake. It means that all tables/booths for your party size have already been booked for that night. Please do not email us asking us for booths/tables for that day. If you would still like to attend, however, we encourage you to arrive early in case of any no-shows.
  • Do I have to pre-order my bottle?
    You can choose which bottles you want when you make a reservation.
  • Can I come later than the reservation time?
    Based on the volume of guests that we get, we will only hold your table/booth until the specified time on the reservations email confirmation. Why? Because we cannot hold tables empty when there's guests already on the venue looking for a table.
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